About Me

During my childhood my parents travelled a lot, starting when I was only one month old! I'm English-Portuguese and have lived in Angola, Thailand, Malaysia and Portugal, before eventually settling in London, England.  

Working as a vet enables me to save up enough money to use my annual leave to go travelling, and I generally try and fit in as much as I can! Given the limited time, I have learnt the importance of having a detailed itinerary for each trip.

Some of the countries I have visited include:

- 2 weeks travelling around Japan;

- 3 weeks travelling around South America, including Peru, Bolivia and Chile; 

- 2 weeks driving down the coasts of Croatia and Montenegro;

- 2 weeks island hopping around the Philippines.

I hope this blog helps you plan great trips to the places you have always wanted to visit!

Contact Me: sherlockcombstheworld@gmail.com

About Me

Hi, I'm Sarah Dantas-Holmes, known by friends as Sherlock. I spend most of my time in London working in different veterinary practices but my love for exploring different cultures and cuisines pushes me to travel whenever I can. I also take great pleasure from planning detailed travel itineraries for my adventures. I thought I would share my stories, plans and recommendations here with you! Read More


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